Uruguay & Brazil – (The Road to Rio)

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Uruguay & Brazil – (The Road to Rio)

We stayed in the Uruguayan capital (Montevideo) for a few nights. I enjoyed this city from a photographer’s point of view.

Uruguayan Markets

There was lots of interesting things to shoot. Following the coast line we headed north stopping off at a small fishing village called Puta Del Diablo. During summer, thousands of partygoers flock here from Argentina and Brazil. At this time summer had just finished and the town was somewhat quiet. We stayed at an amazing hostel called El Diablo Tranquillo. Large lounges surrounded an open fireplace. The welcoming bar was perfect to exchange travel stories with a mixed crowd that occupied its vacancy. We found it hard to leave.

My bike clicked over 3500kms at the Brazilian boarder. The crossing was very simple. We could have ridden straight through into Brazil but stopped to get the correct paperwork sorted. A further 200kms into Brazil we had not passed a bank to withdraw money from. This caused us grief when we reached the first Brazilian toll. They would not accept currency from Uruguay or our US dollars. We rode back to a service station, only to discover that mastercard was not accepted in the store cash point. This would be a problem we would encounter across Brazil. We were luckily able to convince the service attendant to fill our bikes with fuel and charge an additional amount that would be given back to me as change. You could imagine how difficult this was to explain as they spoke no English, we spoke no Portuguese. Yet hand gestures and acting the scenario seem to work. I skill I dare say we will be using throughout this trip. We had learnt a few basic words in Spanish but hope to learn more on route. The maximum he could supply us with was $5 which would only get us through the first toll, so we ended up doing this procedure 2 more times before reaching a major city to withdraw cash before I left.

A friend of my father had told me that I must visit Florianopolis.


It was an amazing island that many Brazilian´s travel to on holidays. The white beaches stretched for kilometers and it reminded us of our beaches back in Australia. It was about 50 kms long so there was plenty to see and do. Travelling north to Sao Paulo, we stopped off in coastal towns. We reached Sao Paulo and found a great accommodation setup called Sampa Hostel. It felt like we were visiting someone´s home. Mitch had always planned to return to Australia due to work commitments so we spent the last 5 days of his trip in Rio. We meet some great people and had planned to catch up with them on our future travels north. Mitch sold his motorbike to the Hostels owner´s boyfriend.We enjoyed time on the beach as the weather was a lot warmer than in the south. The atmosphere on the beaches is what


really surprised me. You can practically buy anything on the beach. We had Ali Barba selling Middle Eastern empanadas, local kids selling beer as well as sarongs and sporting equipment. All this and you didn’t even have to move. We meet 2 friends from Sao Paulo (Lucas and Nara) while we travelled through Uruguay. So we travelled back to Sao Paulo to celebrate his birthday and watch a local Brazilian football team, The Corinthians play in the semi final of the Libertadores cup. As you can imagine the atmosphere was amazing. We never had a chance to sit down

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