About Me

Hi, I´m Blake Evans……

So, you’re wondering who I am? The man behind the helmet.

I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Wanting to gain international experience, I relocated to London and was employed in the European headquarters for Disney. I had previously travelled to Asia and North America during my University studies. However, it was London´s proximity to Europe/Africa and its cost advantages that sparked my passion for exploring the world, meeting different nationaliaites and experiencing new cultures . 2 years later I embarked on a life changing overland adventure from London to Sydney without the use of an airplane.  http://www.wollondillyadvertiser.com.au/news/local/news/general/good-evans-first-for-jet-age/1723619.aspx

Since then I have been luckily enough to see some amazing things. For eg  the pyramids in Egypt, traveled on the trans siberian, caught a boat from Indonesia to Australia, snowboarded in North America and Europe, fished for barramundi in Cape York, went scuba diving in the Red Sea, motorbike trips through Vietnam and Thailand, Surfed in Timor, drove a van across Australia.

I love an adventure and I am always looking for a challenge to test myself. A motorcycle trip through South, Central and North America would allow me to travel on the roads less travelled, meet the local people and stop in places that interest me.

I will be travelling with 2 friends, Mitch and Dale. Mitch will travel for the first 5 weeks. And Dale and I will complete the journey together. We plan to camp along the way and stay in hostels in the bigger cities.

Myself, Dale & Mitch








I’ve got a bunch of hobbies. My first and foremost being motorcycles. I raced motorcross when I was younger and have now moved into road bikes. I am passionate about photography. I played football for 15 years. I love snowboarding. I am a Blackbelt in Goju Ryu karate. I like keeping fit by running and going to the gym. And I also enjoy fishing.










Happy Travels,