The Motorcycle


 Make: Honda

Model: XR 125

Year: 2012

Cost: $2400


 Additional accessories ($485)

   1 x Black leather storage unit above front headlight. Used to carry 1 litre of spare fuel. ($10)

   1 x Black Wolf 55 litre backpack ($80)

   1 x Back box ($30)

Inside containing the following

3 man hiking tent ($140)

Chain and lock ($15)

Air-compressor that plugs into battery ($50)

Spare clutch cable, front brake and clutch lever ($30)

Sleeping bag ($80)

Self inflating mattress ($50)


This dirtbike has a very simple yet reliable 125cc engine. We are only carrying the bare essentials.

Everything else on the bike is standard from the factory. 










I highly recommend purchasing a GoPro camera/camcorder for a trip like this. It´s  small, waterproof and shock proof. ($369)

The Scala Rider G4  system allows spontaneous intercom conversations between riders. The waterproof unit also has Ipod/mobile phone and GPS connectivity via bluetooth or Aux cable. ($400)

Both units universally mount to all helmets. I read many reviews online about both accessories and they are by far the market leaders in their field.